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Kirsty Pargeter
Kirsty Pargeter Freepik Contributor since November 2015

I'm extremely pleased with my experience on Freepik. The key to succeed is to upload a variety of designs on a regular basis. You have to offer a combination of various styles of designs so users are able to see a broad range of images. Offering designs for free encourages people to download more images , and thanks to this I have earned $207,74 on 1 image alone.

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Adina Neculae
Adina Neculae Exclusive Designer since March 2014

Working from my home, having my own schedule, having challenges each day, drawing and getting paid for my designs is more than perfect. And on top of that, I've learned new stuff about illustrations directly from my friend and supervisor who helped me to progress faster and better.
Last month for my best illustration which has the highest number of downloads, apart from my fixed price, I receive a bonus of $32. But overall, I'm happy with my earnings received at Freepik, for all my files

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